Thursday, August 08, 2013

18 Days to Go

I have a countdown widget on my classroom website - - - it tells me that there are only 18 days left until the first day of school.  Sniff.  That is less than 3 weeks.  And it also means that there are only 11 days left until our meetings start and I am basically back at work full time.

This week I have worked in my classroom 17 hours.  I decided to keep track; don't ask me why.  To torture myself with knowing how much I overtime I don't get paid for, I guess (shrug).

I covered my bulletin boards, put my furniture in place, except for final arrangement of the desks.  I cleared out some extra tables, desks and chairs that I (fingers crossed I don't pick up any more than the 25 I have now) won't need and were making the room feel cluttered.  I got rid of a gigantic podium that I alternately loved loved loved and hated hated hated.  In the end, the fact that there was never a good spot for it, and that I was always moving it around either to use it or get it out of the way, was enough to make me move it out.  That, and a broken lower shelf that offended me each time I saw it.

What else? Hmmmm.....not too much I guess actually.  That was 17 hours worth?  Egad.  NO wonder I can never get out of there.

Let's see, there must be more...I sorted and got rid of some bulletin board borders - I had too many that I inherited and no longer wanted hanging around.  All the books from my library are sitting on tables.  I need to do some sorting and tossing there.  I bought a new rug for my room...what a steal!  It was originally over $300 and I got it on clearance for about $85 including tax at Pier 1.   I hung some cute wind chimes, and put a magna border all around my whiteboard.  My one lone, but fairly large, whiteboard.  That has a SmartBoard mounted on it.  I would say in the middle of it, but I am not that lucky.  I have a small one foot wide whiteboard on the right, and then one that's about 5 feet wide on the other side.  Seriously.   And it isn't like that centered it in the room either.  But I digress.  The border looks great.

I will take pictures next time I go in.  I plan to go in on Saturday and give a few things a coat of paint.

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