Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Share My Lessons

Since I am in San Diego, I had the opportunity to attend the ISTE convention a couple of weeks ago.  I learned some new things, especially helpful with the full-speed-ahead nature of technology advancement both in our field and especially in my own classroom!
One new website I learned about could be a great reference.  I say could be only because I haven't actually had the chance to explore it too much since the convention, and I haven't uploaded anything of my own there yet.  It is called Share My Lesson.  It is a place for teachers to add their lessons and borrow great ideas from others.  And there are links to the Common Core.  This is definitely something I will be checking out more as the summer progresses - especially helpful with my move to a new grade level.  Bonus: they will be giving away $500 gift cards to the top teacher contributors.  I am sure there is more info about that on their website.

This helpful tip was inspired by the fabulous 5 Star Blogging Criteria.  Visit The Organized Classroom to see if you are also a 5 Star Blogger!

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