Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tech'd Out From Head to Toe

I am enjoying the summer (who doesn't?) but wondering if I will be able to keep up with everything once the school year starts again?  I am so totally tech'd up and and out now!  I think I need to make a list of all the websites that I will be using and maintaining.

1. Classroom Management: Class Dojo
2. Grades: Gradelink
3. Connect with class: Edmodo
4. Connect with parents: Google sites class website
5. Connect with co-workers: Edmodo
6. Connect with other teachers: Blog
7. Conncet with other people: old (long ignored) blog
8. Random other things that I may not really have time for: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
9. There are too many to mention, but I need to figure out which website and apps I will be using in the classroom.  I suspect this may evolve over the course of the year, so NO PRESSURE!
10. Constant email!!!

I am embracing all of this because I really do love it, but I also know how time consuming it can be.  Should I be excited - or should I be afraid, very afraid?

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