Friday, July 06, 2012

Sixth Will Be Spectacular

When school starts again in the Fall, I will be moving to 6th grade.  I can hardly wait.  I was filled with much trepidation when the assignment was first suggested to me, but now I am eagerly awaiting teaching older students.
Clearly I will have a very busy summer.  I have moved out of my old classroom, but the new one is...maybe not a complete disaster...but it is a jumble and a mess.  The former teacher has moved out, I am pretty sure, but she left piles of things for me to go through.  That is good because perhaps there are things there that will be useful to me. But it is bad because (see above) I have to go through them.
That's the physical classroom.  I also have to become an expert in 6th grade curriculum and plan my year.  And we are getting iPads so I have to familiarize myself with fantastic ways to incorporate those into the curriculum that I am not completely familiar with yet.  And there is the SmartBoard.  I know the SmartBoard, but I'm sure it will be used differently in 6th.  And with iPads!  
But for now, I am going to focus on making my room nice and getting a feel for what I am going to teach.
Stay tuned.  

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Toni said...

Don't worry! I'm sure everything will work out just fine! iPads are great! If you find a stand, you can use their camera feature as a document camera. Also, it has apps on it based on my state curriculum, it might have apps specifically created for yours. Best of luck!